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Leather Handbags Trends - Quality over Everything

Leather Handbags Trends - Quality over Everything

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Leather Handbags Trends - Quality over Everything

Women and fashion can never stay apart. It is the way; you dress, walk, and carry yourself.

But, fashion trends never remain constant and every new day brings something new to the world of fashion. A new boot trend hits stores and malls every week, and the internet introduces latest prints with every refresh.

What is in fashion today might be an obsolete tomorrow. And, what appears to be daring and unacceptable today may become trending in the next couple of years. It is how trend cycles throughout time.

So, should you wait for years or decades for a unique and fresher trend? Not at all!

Do it now to stand out in the crowd because a year is too long to get noticed. 

Only Clothing ???

Do you think only clothing adds to your style statement? NO!

Fashion is not merely about clothing, other accessories are an important aspect of styling as well.

From hair accessories to jewelry and shoes to handbags, your style statement is incomplete without each accessory.

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Hand Bags, the Top Fashion Accessory Preferred by Women

Women love bags as much as they love clothes. Don’t get me wrong, embossed bags and witty packs are must wardrobe stable.

But, no matter how best it is, old is going to bore you after a while. That is why you are always ready for new bag trends you haven’t seen before.

Thanks to our designers, how to seem more restless than us to bring up trendy bags every week. From mini boxes to chain-linked purses, they are coming with premier design and classy looks. 

But Quality First, Everything Else Second!

Is the piece you are investing in worth it?

Style attracts and design compels, but it's not just the design and style of a handbag that makes it stand out. Quality is worth it.

You may go for cheap mass produced bags or the one made of high-quality material. But ask yourself, how long will it last? Just for a week or a month?

Don’t invest in a low-quality handbag despite its attractive design.

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Lather Bags Speak Volume about their Eminence

Out of different material handbags available in the market, leather handbags are the most preferred ones. They are known for their uniqueness and supremacy and are favored by executives.

Leather being the natural material is novel and has its own unique feel and touch.

The higher the quality of leather, the premium it is.

How to Confirm the Quality of Leather?

Are all leathers equal in quality? No!

Imagine you spent $1200 on a bag and three months later

  • The lather starts cracking 
  • The stitching goes nasty
  • Zippers become rigid and unmovable
  • Color begins to fade

Always look for these things to ascertain the high-quality of leather bags

  • The leather used; choose a bag made of full grain lather because it looks charming even after years. Don’t go for bags made of bonded leather.
  • Origin; look for its country of origin and making. Italy, USA, France, and UK are some renowned countries for production of quality leather.
  • Tanning; go for vegetable tanned leather because it uses natural material in the tanning process. On the other hand, chrome tanning involves harsh chemicals.
  • Stitching; make sure that stitching of bag is straight; without loose threads and is barely noticeable.
  • Hardware; check the quality of its exterior and little parts. Inspect its buckles, handles, locks, zippers and shoulder strap fitting.

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Embossed Crocodile Trend Is Taking Over
Leather becomes exceptional when it is textured and toned to perfection.  However, the changing techniques bring with them more diversity in texture and design.

One popular leather texture among contemporary designers is the crocodile textured leather. It is not just appealing for the eyes; it is a treat to feel and touch as well.

The cracked texture on soft leather makes it a luxurious experience to slip your hand in. with the added beauty to your style statement; these crocodile textured handbags are a symbol of status and repute.

From executive to the common household lady, everyone is drooling over this fresh yet modern trend. With the diverse range of available designs and sizes, you can easily find the crocodile textured handbag that suits your personality and goes well with your style statement.

The Internet has witnessed the awestruck collection and description of crocodile textured handbags. Even a leading supplier of designer handbags, purseblog, has introduced a crocodile texture in their bags collection.

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What You Should Look for Before Buying Leather Handbags?

With the vast range of available styles and dimensions, choosing the perfect handbag is a hassle.

Your choice of handbag can boost or knock down your entire appearance. So, you must be careful while selecting one.

Before making a bag selection, look for;

  • Size

Size of your handbag is one important attribute that must be taken into consideration while purchasing a new one.

Keep in mind your utilization and convenience along with contemporary customs and traditions.

Do you need it for parties or office use? Do you need to carry a lot of accessories in your bag or fewer ones? Decide and select!

  • Style and color

Another essential ascribe of your handbag selection is its style and color. What you carry is a reflection of your personality and becomes your identification.

The right choice of shape and design according to your attire is what make you prominent and noticeable among the masses.

The appropriate color of the handbag as per occasion and aura of place deliver positive vibes about your sense of taste and nature.

  • Quality

Whatever style, color, or size you choose, what matters the most is the quality of your handbag.

High-quality handbags can be easily discriminated from the cheap ones with their appearance and feel.

If you are investing your money in a style statement then better opt for a good quality product. Invest in premium quality leather to ensure you get what you aimed at.

Low profile bags are not worth spending your money and often wear out very quickly. The inspiring and innovative fashion influencers such as blacksouthernbelle, also bear the selection of the right bag according to latest trends.

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Final Words

The contemporary digital world has influenced all aspects of human living and has largely inspired the fashion industry.

The fashion trends are changing rapidly as ever witnessed by the human race. To move with the flow of changing trends and customs is the demand of the time.

The way you dress and style describe who you are. So, choose your style statement wisely.

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