5 Gifts for You

Christmas is the season of giving, and now that you've finished your shopping for everyone else, it's time to spoil yourself!

5 Boots You Need In Your Closet

Wardrobe staples are always an excellent investment, and good pair of boots are some of the most versatile footwear you can own. A good boot can be worn with anything from jeans, dresses, to the office and back again. Here is a list of our top 5 classic boot styles we think should be in everyone’s closet. 

How To Style Belts

Belts have been around forever, but we can’t neglect the moment they’re having in fashion right now. Post-quarantine life is all about enjoying the outside world again, and that means experimenting with new trends and styles. Learn how to style the belts you haven’t been wearing, and what to look for next time you’re shopping for something new!
PU Leather vs Genuine Leather
genuine leather

PU Leather vs Genuine Leather

What is the difference between genuine leather and PU leather? Both are distinctly different materials with pros and cons to each. Read all about it and discover which is best for you.


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