New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

The new year is right around the corner, do you know what you're going to wear?

5 Gifts for You

Christmas is the season of giving, and now that you've finished your shopping for everyone else, it's time to spoil yourself!

10 Spring 2022 Fashion Trends

Dressing loud is the theme of the season, and we're seeing it everywhere from the runways to nail salons. While minimalism will never go out of style, spring 2022 fashion is all about experimenting with bold colors, shapes, and prints. Here are a few prominent trends we think are going to take the spring 2022 season by storm. 
what to wear holiday party

What to Wear: Holiday Edition

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is back, and there’s a lot we’re looking forward to. After the last few years of lockdowns and restrictions, we’re excited to finally be gathering again. Here is some outfit inspiration for every holiday event you’ve got lined up this year.   

Trends for Fall 2021

Trends for fall 2021 have reflected the global mood shift. People are ready to get back into the world, and it shows in everything from the silhouettes to the colours of the season. Read on for all the fall trend highlights!

How To Style Belts

Belts have been around forever, but we can’t neglect the moment they’re having in fashion right now. Post-quarantine life is all about enjoying the outside world again, and that means experimenting with new trends and styles. Learn how to style the belts you haven’t been wearing, and what to look for next time you’re shopping for something new!

Seasonal Transitions

Don’t pack away your summer closet just yet! There are many ways to blend your seasonal wardrobes and extend the life of your favourite summer pieces well into the coming season. Read on for the best styling tips to take you from summer to fall.

Feels Like Summer

Are you ready to make your triumphant return to the outside world? The season isn’t over yet, which means there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the best fashion trends of summer 2021. Here’s how you can wear a few of our favourite styles for him, and for her.


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