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10 Spring 2022 Fashion Trends


Alicia Lyons |

Top trends to try this coming spring season

Dressing loud is the theme of the season, and we're seeing it everywhere from the runways to nail salons. While minimalism will never go out of style, spring 2022 fashion is all about experimenting with bold colors, shapes, and prints. Here are a few prominent trends we think are going to take the spring 2022 season by storm. 

Sun-Tinged Hues

Here comes the sun! Or at least, that would be the idea. The trending color palette for spring 2022 is all about those sun-kissed hues. Colors such as gold, bronze, amber, saffron, and marigold are dominating the runway and can be seen in everything from dresses, knits, layers, and nail colors! 

Large Layers

This trend is a continuation from fall 2021, and it looks like large layers will be going strong in spring 2022. Everything from jackets, coats, blazers, and knits... but bigger! These oversized toppers make for a great contrast with smaller under-layers like crop tops, bralettes, or skirts.  

Retro Flair

Disco is back, or some of the styles are anyway. The love of retro can be seen everywhere. Whether it's the latest celebrity haircuts and home decor to the trending prints and silhouettes of the spring 2022 season. Look for this throwback style in your next pair of pants (flare jeans are back) and any prints that inspire a little psychedelic fever. 



Preppy silhouettes are here for another season, and it's not restricted to plaid. Be prepared to see a lot of pleated skirts, cable-knit sweaters, rugby shirts, and anything that reminisces a moody school uniform. If you bought into the suiting trend of fall 2021, you can pull this into separates to work into your spring 2022 wardrobe.

Shorts For Days

We don't mean denim cut-offs either. Spring 2022 is bringing shorts in more elegant silhouettes and fabrics. You'll see them styled in suiting combinations or subbed in where you might otherwise except a pencil skirt. Now you no longer have to choose between looking classy and having a full range of movement!

Western Vibes

Before you start taking inspiration from your favorite Clint Eastwood movie, we should stress that this trend is cowboy-inspired... not full cowboy. Look for clothes and accessories with a bit of fringe or boots with a pointed toe, and small heel. 


Grecian Draping

Feel like a mythical legend in this new trend that takes its inspiration from the old-school Grecian style. Best suited to evening wear and more formal tops, this drapey fabric style is effortlessly classy and can easily elevate your outfit with the right touch.


But florals are for spring!? Yes, yes, no one can argue with floral prints in the springtime. However, bold stripes are making a statement this upcoming season, and we can't ignore it! Black and white contrasting patterns are in line with spring's "dare to be loud" energy. To avoid nautical troupes, go with a strong vertical print instead. 

Sporty Style

This trend is a little athleisure, but with a makeover. Skirts, shirts, and pants that inspire a golf/tennis mood are making waves next year. While we may have gotten our fill of sweatpants in 2021, refined tracksuits are emerging in 2022. Make sure you’ve got a great pair of sneakers ready and stay comfy while staying trendy. 


Vacay Ready

This trend will have you ready to jet-set somewhere far away and tropical!  While fall 2021 trends were ski chalet-inspired, spring 2022 is ready to hit the beach. Style-wise. Get ready to see tropical prints, loose beachy layers, and lots of cropped tops. All of this is good news is you're planning on taking a tropical vacation this new year. If not, you can live vicariously through your style!


We hope you are inspired and excited for the next season ahead. If you need a few stellar accessories to polish off your 2022 looks, shop our best sellers and find the perfect finisher!

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