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5 Boots You Need In Your Closet


Alicia Lyons |

Our favorite styles that match everything you own!

Wardrobe staples are always an excellent investment, and good pair of boots are some of the most versatile footwear you can own. A good boot can be worn with anything from jeans, dresses, to the office and back again. Here is a list of our top 5 classic boot styles we think should be in everyone’s closet. 

Chelsea Boots

You can’t get more classic than the Chelsea boot. A timeless silhouette that’s available in all shapes, heights, colors, and materials. These boots will match everything in your wardrobe, save formal wear. Otherwise, you can wear these boots with jeans, tights, to work (office casual dress codes), or on a relaxed night out. For maximum versatility, look for a Chelsea boot with a low, thick heel in a dark neutral color. Fine-grain black leather or subtle texture is always a safe bet.


Combat Boots

In need of an ego boost? Lace-up a pair of combat boots and instantly feel like an action movie star. Jokes aside, combat boots have been a wardrobe staple for some years now, and for good reason! They are great for casual outfits but can also pair with feminine silhouettes for a fashion-forward look. Another plus is the utilitarian design makes them great for being caught in less-than-ideal weather. We wouldn’t recommend taking them hiking, but if you find yourself walking home in a bit of rain, you’ll be happy you’re wearing combat boots rather than your stiletto pumps. 


Lug Sole Boots

Lug soles are fashion’s latest love affair, and it has swept us right off our feet. Comfortable, stylish, and incredibly modern, everyone needs a pair of lug sole boots in their wardrobe. You can pair these boots with nearly anything in your closet, and they transition easily between seasons and weather conditions. If you’re the type of person who breaks out in hives at the thought of wearing heels all day, then these are the boots for you. Lug soles offer a platform lift (great for shorties everywhere) while keeping your feet comfortable all day long.


Stiletto Heel Boots

These are your one-stop solution to all wardrobe conundrums. Need something to wear with your work trousers? Stiletto boot. Not sure what to pair with your evening dress and tights? Stiletto boot. Dashing out in jeans to meet your friends at the bar? Stiletto… you get the idea. This silhouette is effortlessly elegant, incredibly versatile, and an absolute must-have in your shoe collection. Seek out a boot with a pointed toe, glove-like fit, and stiletto heel as tall or modest as you please!


Cowboy Boots

Before you say no, hear us out. Not all cowboy boots are the embroidered red-leather relics you see in western-themed bars. Cowboy-inspired silhouettes are cropping up everywhere this season, and it’s the subtle details that make them fabulous. Look for a pointed toe, mid-sized heel, and v-cut at the front of the calf. Structured leather that doesn’t slouch is key for an updated, modern look. Extra points for a luxurious pattern or texture. Hit these key points and you’ll find yourself with a fashionable western-inspired boot… without going full rodeo.


Do you have a favorite out of the boot styles we suggested? Let us know in the comments! Out of all the footwear in the world, you can’t go wrong with a good pair of boots. Keep your closet stock with a few of these styles and you will never find yourself in a fashion situation you cannot handle.

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