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How To Style Belts


Alicia Lyons |

Everything You Need to Know About this Accessory for Fall

Belts have been around forever, but we can’t neglect the moment they’re having in fashion right now. Post-quarantine life is all about enjoying the outside world again, and that means experimenting with new trends and styles. Getting ready doesn’t have to take hours, but savoring the experience can be your own form of self-care. Learn how to style the belts you haven’t been wearing, and what to look for next time you’re shopping for something new!

Compliment Your Outfit

Let’s begin with the most elementary of outfit formulas. Yes, a belt will keep your pants up, but it can also complete your ensemble. Try out an unassuming, complementary look by matching your belt to your shoes or sticking to a neutral color for a little dash of subtle style.


Add A Little Flair

Now, if subtle isn’t your thing, no need to worry! An eye-catching belt can be the focal piece of your outfit if you like! Fun colors, textures, widths, and patterns are a great way to create a statement piece to what might otherwise be a neutral look.


Business Casual Anyone?

This is perhaps the most common belt-styling scenario… before the zoom meeting purgatory of 2020. A sleek belt is an easy way to add dimension and class to your office outfit. Pair it with high-waisted trousers and a tucked-in blouse. A slim belt looks great with wide pants, and a thicker one paired with straight-leg slacks keeps proportions balanced and fashionable.

Highlight Your High-Waisted Jeans

If you’ve been doing your homework, you’ve probably realized that the waists on pants are getting higher and higher. While a belt might not be functionally necessary to hold up your jeans, they add a lot of style to your overall look. Tuck in the front of your shirts to show off that belt buckle and watch your outfit transform from casual to fashionable in a matter of seconds.


Add Shape

Another great way to incorporate a belt into your outfit is to use it to highlight your waist. Add shape to a thin knit dress, oversized dress shirt, or blazer by selecting a waist-cinching belt to bring the outfit together. This dressing combination is making a major comeback in fall 2021, so make sure you have a few belts that fit your waist in addition to your hips!

Textures and Patterns Add Class

Smooth leather belts are an age-old classic, no argument there! If you prefer to stick to solid colors, there are still ways to make a simple black or cognac leather belt interesting. Try looking for pieces with textural patterns to create more visual interest. Woven belts or animal textures look great in almost any context, while still acting as neutral pieces within your outfit.


Combine with Suiting

Talk about a great opportunity to double-dip with two big fall 2021 trends. Flowy suiting is huge in men’s and women’s fashion this season. Rock a matching ensemble with a tucked-in shirt and great belt to look polished and on-trend. Wearing a belt this way also works to ground an outfit if your suit is oversized and softer in structure.


Do you still think there’s only one way to wear a belt? Hopefully, this gave you some inspiration to re-invent your existing accessories and maybe seek a few more adventurous options to complement your wardrobe. If you need a few good belts to jump-start the fall season, take a look through our fall sale. We have high-quality, genuine leather accessories for all tastes and styles.

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