Who is Crocodile Wear?

Since the time of its creation, Crocodile Wear has the initiative to become one of the leaders in unique, high-quality Crocodile Texture in Fashion. This can only be done through our loyal customers. Thus, we promise you only the very best service full of offers and promotions; 100% satisfaction. 

Everything Exotic!

Thanks to our reduced costs (we only sell through our online shop) and our purchasing network (selection of suppliers & factory inventory), we’ve now reached our goal to provide you with:

A unique Exotic Crocodile Collection at a reduced cost. 
The best Customer Service you will receive. 
• The ability to track your order from start to finish.
 Many extra offers & promotions to our loyal customers.

We have therefore endeavored to offer you a user-friendly shopping site:

Our Collections are clearly identified and easily accessible.
The "search bar" is a quick way to select items according to your needs.
The payments solutions we have selected ensures that your transactions are 100% secured. We also offer you an easy payment with Paypal, Apple pay & Google pay.

You can count on Crocodile Wear to bring you the absolute best service along with a unique exotic look that you've been longing for.