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5 Mindful Resolutions for 2022


Alicia Lyons |

Make Next Year Your Year for Self-Care

It's that time of year again. The time when everyone starts sharing their goals for the months ahead. Whether you love or loathe resolutions, now is a great time to set some mindful and positive intentions for the future. So, rather than losing weight or getting a promotion, here are some New Year's resolutions to help you stress less and enjoy life more.

Make Time To Unplug 

It's okay to disconnect. As the pandemic clearly showed us, burnout is a very real problem. When anyone can reach you at any time, it can be hard to shut out the demands of work and daily life. Try to spend some of your free time away from the screens, preferably leaving your phone in another room. Permit yourself to be unreachable for periods. You will find it can do wonders for your stress levels and daytime productivity!

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Dial it down and focus on the people and things that mean the most. It's easy to fall into the trap of overreaching. You have lots of friends, coworkers, and responsibilities, but trying to do everything at once is a fool's gambit. Eventually, it will catch up to you and very likely overturn all your hard work. Instead, try to dial back the hobbies, limit your social engagements, and give yourself time for the people and activities that make you feel the most refreshed. 


Move To Feel Good

Instead of concentrating on appearances, why don't you try to focus on how you feel? It's time to remember what movement is all about - healthy fun! Some of the most common New Year's resolutions revolve around losing weight or getting in shape. What's also common is giving up by the end of January. That's because we put so much pressure on how we think we should look, and forget to check in on how we feel. Don't set yourself up for pressure, stress, and feelings of failure when an unsustainable goal becomes too much. Find something you love to do that keeps you active, and do it for the joy it brings you! Not only will you be happier and healthier, but you'll also find this new routine much easier to maintain.

 It's Okay To Say "No"

Sometimes we overbook ourselves because we don't want to disappoint those we care about. Sometimes we forget that spending time with ourselves is just as important. Let go of the guilt and try to schedule some time for yourself. Whether it's treating yourself to a quiet night in, or gifting yourself something you want, remember that you are also worthy of your time and attention. It's okay to say no or cancel plans when it becomes too much. The people who care about you will understand, and you'll be a much better friend when you take the time to take care of yourself. 


You Don't Have To Make A Resolution At All

There is so much pressure to share accomplishments and set goals for the new year. So rather than all that stress, what about forgoing the whole concept altogether? A new year isn't the only time to begin a positive change. Forget all the pressure that January brings, and focus instead on building small habits that make you feel better, no matter the time of year!

Let's make 2022 the year that we stop stressing about resolutions, and focus more on the things that bring us joy. We hope you have a safe and happy New Year's Eve, and an even better year ahead.

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