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New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas


Alicia Lyons |

5 Ways To Ring In 2022

The new year is right around the corner, do you know what you're going to wear? No matter how you might celebrate this year, a midnight countdown is always a good reason to dress up. So whether you're going out, or staying in, here are a few outfit suggestions to help you ring in 2022 in style.

Something Sparkly

Sparkles and sequins are a time-honored New Year's Eve tradition, and it's not hard to see why. Glitz just screams celebratory, and when else to celebrate if not at the start of a new year? 

sparkly-pants-new-years-eve-outfit Photo from @cellajaneblog  
sparkly-pants-wide-new-years-eve-outfit Photo from @hellobombshellxo

If your mind immediately goes to glittery dresses, then think again! Try a pair of sequined pants with a cozy sweater for an updated take. Not only is this a more modern interpretation, but it's also guaranteed to be more comfortable! 

A Monochrome Look

Is an understated ensemble more your thing? Lucky for you, monochrome has been huge this year, so why not use it to give 2021 the perfect send-off?

monochrome-winter-white-new-years-eve-outfit Photo from @deelicious01  
monochrome-tan-winter-new-years-eve-outfit Photo from @thetrendspotter 

Try out a pair of wide-leg trousers with a blouse or sweater in a matching color. Wide pants are another big trend to come out of 2021, and they are as comfy as they are stylish. Make the whole ensemble fit for winter weather with a matching oversized coat. Voila, chic and elegant with a je ne sais quoi to rival the French! 

Bold Bright Colors

You can be bold without being covered in sequins. Merge your favorite seasonal pieces into something new with a statement-making combination.

bright-color-winter-new-years-eve-outfit Photo from @economyofstyle
bright-color-winter-new-years-eve-outfit Photo from @stylecaster

Give your warmer weather attire a color boost! A simple outfit with trousers and a winter coat can speak an entirely different language when you play with bright colors. A bonus is that you'll be dressed for the weather if you decide to venture outdoors. Compliment your outfit with pumps or a heeled boot

Leather Pants

This is another huge trend that can come to the rescue for almost any occasion. Leather pants and leggings take any outfit up several notches, and can easily mix in with other ideas on this list. 

leather-pants-new-years-eve-outfit Photo from @cellajaneblog  
leather-leggings-new-years-eve-outfit Photo from @lynsire

One simple look is a pair of straight-leg leather pants with a statement top. Try your hand at something sparkly (if sequined pants made you faint) or a satiny fabric for effortless elegance. If you're looking for a cozy option, leather leggings and an oversized sweater will do the trick. Throw on a set of great pumps with either option and you're all set. 

A Matching Set

Finally, if you're staying home this New Year's eve, maybe you'd rather avoid the hassle of picking the perfect outfit. That's where matching sets come in so handy... they've already done all the work for you!

knitwear-set-skirt-new-years-eve-outfit Photo from @ourcoffeetime  
knitwear-set-new-years-eve-outfit Photo from @VisualTherapyNY

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the elevated knitwear trend that has swept the fashion scene. If you're staying in or cozying up with family this New Year's Eve, a knitwear set boasts maximum comfort and style. A sweater and pants set will feel like pajamas but look twice as cute. On the other hand, a matching sweater and knit midi skirt is an option whether you're watching a movie or counting down to midnight with champagne!  

We hope this gave you some inspiration! Whether you're going out or staying in this year, we hope you're staying safe and celebrating with the ones who matter most. Happy New Year!

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