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5 Gifts for You


Alicia Lyons |

Here are 5 things you should gift yourself this Christmas

Christmas is the season of giving, and now that you've finished your shopping for everyone else, it's time to spoil yourself! With so many great sales this time of year, it's the perfect time to think ahead and invest in the staple items your wardrobe needs for the year ahead. Here are a few ideas to get you started, plus a few of our favorites that style well all year round.

A New Pair of Boots

'Tis the season of sales, so why not take advantage and snag yourself a sharp pair of boots to ride out the rest of the winter? Ankle booties are an invaluable addition to your closet since they are versatile to mix and match and never go out of style. Our current favorites are timeless silhouettes with a subtle pattern or texture. Check out these pairs for men and women and consider gifting yourself something that will pair seamlessly with your winter, and upcoming spring wardrobe.


The 'Everything' Bag

Everybody needs a bag that goes with, well, everything! While you may have many bags in your closet, it’s always good to have one reliable option that never fails. Ideally, you want this bag to be in a neutral color, for maximum versatility, and spacious without being too oversized. For women, this combination usually means a tote with both a crossbody and shoulder straps. For men, the perfect catch-all in this category is a stylish backpack with room for all your toys, professional and otherwise.


A Fresh New Wallet

Wallets are one of those things that everyone has to replace from time to time. Due to the amount of usage they get, even the best wallets will start to look a little worn and tired after a while. So, what better way to kick off the new year than with a fresh new wallet? Men should look for sleek foldable wallets that look elegant but fit easily into pockets and coats. For women, we always like pieces that serve double duty. Treat yourself to a cute clutch or small bag with a built-in wallet to cut out the hassle.


A Quality Belt

Belts are another one of those wardrobe items that get a lot of use, so you can never have too many. This Christmas gift yourself a quality belt that will last. Leather is a great material for belts as it will only get softer, and more beautiful with use. For men, look for neutral colors that match the shoes in your closet. Women should also look for solid colors with subtle textural elements for added interest.


Something That Sparkles

Last, but certainly not least, something shiny always looks nice waiting under the tree. While jewelry might feel like too much of a splurge for yourself (that’s what significant others are for!), watches are always a great investment in both your style and punctuality! Gorgeous and practical, look for a watch that adds a little sparkle to your outfit without being overly flashy. This way you can ensure your accessory will match virtually everything in your closet, and be well suited for any occasion.


We hope this has inspired you to take a little time to splurge on yourself this holiday season. After all, you don't need to rely on others to make sure you've got something amazing waiting for you under the tree. 

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