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Alicia Lyons |

5 Essential Pieces Every Closet Needs

As the season changes, so do the trends, which is why you may find yourself hitting the stores every few months to keep up to date. Now don’t get us wrong, shopping is great! But if you want to enjoy new trends, while also keeping your budget in check, you need to have a few essential basics in your arsenal to build upon. Check out our summary of the top 5 closet staples you need to make the most of your wardrobe.

1. Go-To Denim

There’s nothing like reaching for that well-loved, well-traveled pair of jeans… you hardly need us to tell you that. Wider and relaxed silhouettes are the current rage with straight-leg cuts and high-waisted styles dominating the scene for the last couple of seasons. The beloved jean is as versatile as it is comfortable, looking great with everything from boots, loafers, pumps, to the beloved sneaker. Dress up your denim with a leather belt and tucked-in button-down shirt or celebrate casually with a leather bomber jacket and your favorite pair of white sneakers.


2. Relaxed Blazer

This is a brilliant piece to have in your closet, whether or not you work in an office. Blazers are no longer banished to the dull shores of professional attire. The current fashion favors an oversized fit in a relaxed fabric. That makes blazers perfect for dressing up with matching trousers or elevating a casual outfit like jeans and a graphic t-shirt. If you want to get maximum versatility, go for a blazer in a neutral color, especially if most of your closet consists of loud prints and colors. If you’re not afraid to turn a few heads, go for a statement piecein a bright color or print!


3. Versatile Base Layer

Think the older, more sophisticated sibling of the plain white t. Base layers are essential in every closet, but we can do better than a simple t-shirt. Look for plain button-downs, blouses with a simple neckline, or interesting sleeves to add a touch of sophistication while maintaining the layering versatility of this piece. Having one or two of these staples in a few neutral colors will rescue you from the dreaded “what do I wear?” dilemma while looking stylish and put together.

4. Leather

We can’t talk about wardrobe basics without giving this eternal fashion staple a mention. Leather accessories such as shoes, belts, handbags, and wallets are versatile pieces you’ll reach for again and again. In terms of apparel, everyone needs a good leather jacket in their closet. A leather coat can be immortal if you can find a good quality piece in a neutral shade and classic silhouette. A few that have stood the test of time are the trench, motorcycle, and bomber jackets. Find the one that suits your personality best and you’ll never find yourself in an outfit pinch!


5. Chunky Shoes

How many times are we going to rave about chunky shoes? Well, we don’t plan on shutting up soon because lug soles are essential for your fall 2021 wardrobe (and probably beyond). 90s nostalgia seekers rejoice because the dad-sneaker has demonstrated its staying power for another season. Make sure your sneakers are chunky and made for walking this fall! Not to be forgotten, boots are naturally a go-to for chillier days regardless of the season. Look for a good pair of ankle boots with a thick, lug sole, and you’ll find yourself prepared for any weather or occasion life might throw at you. 



Now that you know the formula for a well-outfitted closet, you’re officially ready for anything this season! Check out our latest fall 2021 arrivals and pick up a few essentials, or statement pieces, to kick off the colder weather that’s coming.


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