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Trends for Fall 2021


Alicia Lyons |

What to Wear This Season

After an exceptionally hot summer, we’re ready to dive into the cozy world of fall. Trends for fall 2021 have reflected the global mood shift. People are ready to get back into the world, and it shows in everything from the silhouettes to the colours of the season.

Read on for all the fall trend highlights and remember the golden rule: tuck in the front of your shirts (even knits) to instantly elevate any look!

Skinny Jeans are Dead

In case you haven’t been paying attention, or maybe you’re still in denial, the long-standing reign of skinny jeans has finally ended. Wide, high-waisted silhouettes are all the rage for men’s and women’s fashion alike. If you find yourself suffering from a little separation anxiety, try a straight leg for a slimmer, but still modern, silhouette. 


There’s something so fashionable about a monochromatic outfit. No need to splurge and buy everything brand new. Look for pieces in your closet that are within the same colour family and try them together! This trend has been seen in everything from bold rich colours to the neutral sandy shades popular in men’s fashion right now.

Statement Prints & Colours

It’s natural to shift into darker colours as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. But that’s not what’s happening this fall! Bright primary colours, moody florals, as well as stripes and preppy plaid are everywhere this season. Colour blocking is a movement in and of itself and is being seen across men’s and women’s fashion. Let your joy shine through and be bold with your colours and prints this fall.


Knits and Textures

Knits have always been big in the fall and winter months. This season we’re seeing statement pieces in exaggerated textures as well as matching thin knitted sets - the stylish evolution of the sweatsuit as we return to society. Turtlenecks and sweater vests are also dominating in men’s fashion and make for excellent fall staples. With high-waisted pants abound, the golden rule that’s carried on from the spring and summer is to tuck your shirts into the front of your pants, and that goes from dress shirts to knits alike!


Leather will always and forever make an appearance no matter the year or season. Leather jackets are huge this fall, especially in oversized silhouettes and long trench coats. If a long leather coat isn’t your thing, fear not! Motorcycle and bomber jackets are a staple in any fall closet, so dust them off and get ready to wear them day in and day out.


Suits don’t have to be formal anymore! Looser, flowy fabrics are the name of the game when it comes to this trend. Combine the suiting frenzy with the monochromatic theme to really shine as best dressed no matter where you are. These pieces can be worn together or broken up into separates. High-waisted, wider trousers for men have been spotted everywhere from the red carpet to the runway, so capitalizing on suiting is a great way to double-dip. Remember the silhouettes should be relaxed. Stiff and stuffy have no place in our post-sweatpants return to reality.


Chunky Shoes

This one comes as no surprise, but chunky shoes and lug soles are here to stay for another season. Insanely comfortable, and perfectly suited to the wet (and soon to be slushy) streets, you will be thankful for this trend in more ways than one. Upgrade your sneakers and boots by opting for styles with thick soles and heavy tread. It’s a simple switch that works miracles in keeping your outfit current and modern.


Fall 2021 is all about having fun with your personal style! Embrace the bold new trends, and don’t shy away from experimenting with something different. Check out our fall arrivals and brand new men’s suits and women’s blazers to create your new seasonal look.

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