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Feels Like Summer


Alicia Lyons |

The Summer 2021 Fashion Report

Are you ready to make your triumphant return to the outside world?

For the last year and a half, most of us have been living in our sweatpants. But with brighter days ahead, we think everyone is ready to return to normal and take full advantage of the rest of their closet. Luckily for us, the sunny season isn’t over yet, which means there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the best fashion trends of summer 2021. Here’s how you can wear a few of our favourite styles for him, and for her.

Summer Style for Him

Smaller Shades

Gone are the days of oversized sunglasses! Okay, not quite, but we are definitely seeing a revival of smaller, retro-inspired shades. Trending sunnies can be found in all shapes and sizes, but the favourites of the season have a few things in common. Look for lenses in unexpected colours, angular shapes, and seventies evoking flair. Think like the bespectacled lovechild of John Lennon and Neo from The Matrix.


Go Floral

Floral prints have been a long-standing favourite in the warmer months. While floral patterns were previously confined to women’s fashion, recent years have seen them making their way into the world of men’s apparel too. Try incorporating this print into your wardrobe with dress shirts, shoes, and smaller accessories like ties.


Casual is Cool

These days you can’t go anywhere without hearing the term ‘athleisure’. Streetwear has made a comeback in recent years, and it looks like it’s here to stay. You can rejoice that this means comfortable, functional clothing is not only acceptable, but fashionable! For those that prefer a bit of extra flair, fear not. Sneakers have become a world of their own and you can find many printed, textured, and leather styles that make a statement while fitting within the laid-back aesthetic.


Summer Style for Her

The Hats Have It

Hats are a longstanding accessory that have proven staying power. While styles have evolved, headwear remains a closet staple throughout every season. Baseball caps are no exception, although you can forget what you remember from your childhood softball days. Currently trending are fashionable accents in both muted tones and textured patterns. Bucket hats are also having a moment in the throwback, nineties inspired scene. Both options make for great additions to your daytime look, while also protecting you from the sun! Right… hats have that purpose too, don’t they?


Boots All Year Long

A great space-saving solution is to pack away your winter closet to make room for the warmer season’s apparel, but don’t you dare hide away those boots! Contrasting edgy accessories with feminine pieces is one of the year’s biggest trends. Hold onto your ankle boots and try styling them in a new way. Pair them with your summer dresses and paper-bag shorts or make a statement with a patterned boot, shorts, and matching blazer.


Pops of Colour

Summer has always been the best time to be bold with your fashion choices. If there was ever a season to experiment with a new colour or print, summer is the one to do it. If it doesn’t go well, you can always blame it on heat stroke! For the more cautious, try working in a new colour with a statement bag or shoe. Pair it with a neutral ensemble, or a contrasting print if you’re feeling daring (or lightheaded).


Trends are a fun way to stretch your limits and experiment with new styles. Try something new or reinvent an old piece by wearing it in a way you haven’t thought of before. Who knows, you might discover something you love.

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