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Seasonal Transitions


Alicia Lyons |

Take your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Changing leaves and chillier weather means it’s time to rethink what you wear. 

Summer is coming to an end, and that means autumn is just around the corner. Regardless of whether you’re celebrating or mourning the change in season, it’s time for your closet to adapt. Luckily, this doesn’t have to mean buying a whole new fall wardrobe. In fact, you don’t even have to pack away your summer closet yet! There are many ways to blend the two and extend the life of your favourite summer pieces well into the coming season. Read on for the best styling tips to take you from summer to fall. 

Make Layers your Accessory

This one may be a tad obvious. Naturally, layers are essential when bracing yourself for the unpredictable weather that accompanies the onset of fall. The second great advantage of layers is that you can use them to beef up your summer pieces. Wear your lightweight jeans with a smart ankle boot and compliment a thin blouse with a chunky knit sweater. Accessories such as a scarf, hat, or black leather bag are another great way to give a summery outfit fall vibes.


Jackets are your Best Friend

We really can’t say enough about layers. Jackets and lightweight top layers are extremely versatile pieces for your seasonal wardrobe. A leather motorcycle jacket contrasted with a feminine summer dress keeps you cozy while also looking fashion forward. Denim jackets in a loose, boxy fit are another popular choice and look great overtop of blouses and dress shirts. Even a plain white t-shirt suddenly looks much better when layered with an open flannel shirt and khaki jacket. Invest in a few neutral top layers and watch how easily they take you through the season!

Versatile Footwear is Key

It might be time to put away the flip-flops, but that doesn’t mean all your favourite summer shoes have to retire. Mules and pumps still allow you to show off a little ankle while protecting your feet from chillier weather. For men’s fashion, leather boat shoes and slip-on loafers are a great way to ease into fall. As always, a good boot never goes out of season. Wear them with jeans, slacks, and dresses - just add tights on colder days!


Leather Weather

Quality pieces will always go with everything. Leather is one of the most versatile fabrics that can be incorporated into almost any outfit. While the summer may have restricted you to handbags, belts, and shoes, fall means you can break out the leather jackets, pants, and skirts. All the above are shaping up to be huge trends for fall 2021. While everyone knows that the leather motorcycle jacket is an eternal staple, coming in hot this fall is the leather trench, which adds smooth dimension and classical elegance to both workday and weekend looks.

Don’t Forget About Colour

Just like the season itself, fall 2021 fashion is ripe with colour. Vibrant fall tones like rust are always a safe bet, but we’re also seeing an abundance of saturated hues like lavender and marigold dominate the season. This is good news for any summer pieces you wanted to hang onto a little longer. Reach for solids rather than patterns (lavender florals, for example, might look a little too summery) and work them alongside your neutrals for a seamless transition.


The change of seasons is a fun time to experiment and get creative with your wardrobe. Try out a few of these tips and browse through our new arrivals if you find your closet is missing anything!

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