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The Small Gifting Guide


Alicia Lyons |

Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

It’s the season of giving, and sometimes the best things come in little packages. Small gifts can be some of the most special when they’re curated and thoughtful. Small gifts are also a lifesaver if there are a lot of people on your Christmas list and you don’t want to break the bank! Whether you’re doing a modest gift exchange between friends or taking part in a Secret Santa at work, here are some ideas to make sure your little present makes a big impact.   

Small Gift Ideas


A trendy wallet in a neutral color is a fail-safe gift if you’re fresh out of ideas. It happens to the best of us. Maybe Black Friday was the last straw and you’re completely shopped out. Or maybe this is for a new friend and you’re not too sure about their interests just yet. A wallet is a practical gift they will surely use and appreciate. 


Money Clip

Shopping for a minimalist? We’ve got you covered. For some people, a wallet may be too bulky. Some prefer the freedom of carrying around nothing but the essentials. No matter the reason, a sleek money clip is a great gift for keeping your cards and cash safely together. Hold on to everything that you need, and nothing you don’t! 



While smartphones may seem to have rendered this accessory a little redundant, a good timepiece never goes out of style. Perhaps your gift recipient is nostalgic for a simpler time, or maybe they’re always misplacing their phone. Either way, watches are a timeless (see what we did there?) and stylish gift for any analog lover on your holiday shopping list. 



It might surprise you to learn that hats are often an under-serviced area in people’s wardrobes. What better time to correct this missed opportunity? Hats are a great accessory for adding dimension to your outfit, complementing the weather, or recovering from a bad hair day. Give the gift of a lifesaver without melting your credit card.  


Clutch Bag

This is a more modest option for the handbag-obsessed individual on your list. Clutches are practical for nights out or events where you don’t want to be burdened with a lot of luggage. A clutch is a perfect gift for the fashion trend-setter in your circle. If they are accessory savvy and often the best dressed, then you can’t go wrong with a gift that’s beautiful, practical, and lovely when gift-wrapped.



Who doesn’t need to keep their pants up? Granted, this conundrum can be solved with good tailoring, but that’s hardly the point. Belts are a stylish upgrade to your outfit. They can elevate a pair of jeans, give life to a tucked blouse, and take any ensemble from banal to interesting in a flash. All that, and they’re super giftable! Talk about a win-win.



No matter the season, sometimes it’s bright outside! Sunglasses are another accessory that strikes the perfect balance of practical and stylish. Who doesn’t love that? Another thing that makes sunglasses a great gift is that you can never really have too many. Difference styles suit different moods and outfits. Plus, this way your friend can keep a pair wherever they need them. You’re giving the gift of never having to squint against the sun again!


Gifting small can sometimes be the most challenging of all, but we hope this gift guide helped you get some ideas flowing! Be sure to check out more gifts on sale and save big on the holidays this year.

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